Winter Break

So I'll be going home tomorrow for Winter Break.  The semester is over, all my finals are finished, and my bag's are basically packed.  I've resumed my usual word count, after nearly two weeks of procrastination.  I'm hoping that by the time second semester starts I'll have the novel finished and will have begun the first steps of revision.

This upcoming year, I'm also planning on looking into getting a literary agent.  I've self-published before - which is to say, I was able to create an e-book for my last novel, Necessary Darkness, as well as an Amazon page for the paperback.  For some reason, I was kinda forced into over-pricing it - the website I used to accomplish this wouldn't really let me undersell myself.  But I really do want to get published.  It's definitely one of my life goals.  And I think Ravage could make it.  I really do.  Especially since its one of a series.  Series are pretty popular.

At the very least, I'm excited to say, it looks as though this year, thanks to NaNoWriMo and their incredible sponsors, I'll not only be able to self-publish myself online, but in stores as well.  One of the winner's prizes for this year seems to include a coupon for distribution throughout Barnes and Nobles stores.  I don't know how much I'll still have to spend, even with the discount, but that sounds pretty worthwhile.  Especially if I don't succeed in getting an agent.  I've made my own cover design before, so I know I can handle that aspect of it.  And what good is going to an art school if you can't request a cover design from one of your Illustrator classmates?  Though honestly, I have no idea how much I should pay for such an awesome service.  I've never had anyone illustrate my stuff.

Haven't posted to Ensemble in a while.  Still looking for a better site to post to.  I'll keep you guys posted.  Happy Holidays!
So So

Shai Cotten