Breaking Bank

I'm really starting to want to get out of my apartment.  It's hard to get work done here.

I kinda want to take my writing out to other places, like cafes, but I don’t got that kind of money.  Especially not after everything I just spent on travelling to Prague in for Easter Break.  I haven’t even booked all my hostels yet.

The class studio is open until late at night, and, as my friend discovered, no one really checks to see whether you’re out by 11PM, seeing as she slept on the couch there overnight.

It’s been so long since I worked on anything.  What kind of writer am I?

I wish I could afford to be the kind of writer who goes to cafes, orders a pot of tea, and just sits there for hours hammering away at her laptop.  I mean, I could do that.

I would just go broke.

It’s important to have a healthy environment - if not to live in, then at least to write in.  At home, I can control that environment, whether I’m back in New York in my dorm, or Upstate.  I live with three other people right now though, and our common space really isn’t a working space.  I don’t like working from bed - my brain goes into resting mode.

What to do?

I think I'll probably stay at the studio more this week.  I might stop in to Big Star Cafe once or twice this week too.

This semester is going to break my bank.

Shai Cotten