Rome Vlog 2! And A New Adventure!

So the vlog of my second day in Rome is up on my channel!  Watch below to check it out!

In other news, this upcoming Saturday I'm leaving on my big Easter Break trip!  I still haven't completed editing on the last vlog from my trip to London, but Part One should be up soon.  I plan to do some filming during this upcoming break.

I'm going to be travelling by train to Prague.  First I'll be going from Rome to Venice, then to Milan, Zurich, and finally Prague, taking me through the Swiss Alps.  I'm equal parts nervous and excited.  Though honestly, mostly anxious.  This'll be my first trip completely alone.  I'm nervous about making the train connections, worried about staying in the hostels, worried about staying safe, and also about not spending too much money.

I bought myself a nice big duffel at Porta Portese today, and now all  I really have left to do is calculate my expenses and exchange some of my euros for korunas and Swiss francs.

Maybe I'll make some new friends on the way.  I have a feeling once I get to Prague, and have an entire week to spend there, things will be much more relaxing.  And it'll be nice to be on my own, slowpoke schedule for a change.

Shai Cotten