What I've Been Up To

Hey everyone!

I've been back in the States for two months now, and it's about time I made an update!

I completed my trip from Rome to Prague and back without any hitches.  I finished up the school year, and then went on a lovely trip to Ireland by myself, where I stopped off in hostels in Dublin and Galway for a couple nights each.

Now I'm back home and keeping busy with writing, revisions, and staying active!  I've been running every day, and took up kickboxing.  I even reached 50K in my novel, Resist! (Which you can read about here.)

I have a lot of footage left over from my time during study abroad.  If you visit the Films page here, or check out my Youtube channel, SketchingShai, you'll find the first three vlogs in the travel series I started.  Unfortunately for me, midway through my semester I lost my computer and its editing software, so until I get a replacement, I'm just gonna have to wait to edit all those vlogs!  I will likely be editing them in my spare time once the school year begins.

The summer feels as though it is almost already over!  Fall semester begins soon.  Is anyone else excited for school to begin?  I'm a little anxious myself, but incredibly excited to see my beloved NYC again.

Hope the summer is going well for you!

Shai Cotten